Muay Thai (Thai Style Kickboxing)

Muay Thai or Thai Boxing as it is often referred to in it’s homeland is the national sport of Thailand. The sport has been around for four centuries. In ancient times, the people of Thailand developed Muay Thai as a defense against enemy nations and it was tested in hand to hand combat by the ancient Thai warriors.

Today Muay Thai is becoming very popular on a global scale. It was recently accepted as an Olympic sport, finally gaining it’s deserved recognition.

Muay Thai’s effectiveness is unmatched in the world of striking martial arts due to its simple training approach: keep things basic, use only what works and train, train, train.

Professional martial artists from all sides of the fighting spectrum agree, Muay Thai is essential to becoming an all-around multifaceted fighter.

Muay Thai Classes at Fight Gods MMA Academy

Referred to as The “Art of Eight Limbs,” Muay Thai utilizes punches, kicks, elbows, and knees. It is known for its overwhelming and powerful strikes. It is a great form of self defense and many of its moves are utilized in MMA.

At Fight Gods MMA Academy, we understand that a majority of people cannot afford to be injured. Our Muay Thai classes are designed to be safe with a strong emphasis on getting a great workout while learning fundamental techniques.

Heavy bags, focus mitts, and pair drills are used in our Muay Thai classes to help hone and sharpen student’s techniques.

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The Benefits of Muay Thai Training

Increased Cardiovascular Conditioning

Being both aerobic and anaerobic, Muay Thai places great stress on your cardiopulmonary systems. With continued practice, your body adapts to the demands of the sport, and improved cardiovascular performance is one of the pay-offs.

Core Strength

The rotational nature of all of the movements in the sport truly does strengthen your core. Striking, defensive movements, and clinching all help the Muay Thai student develop a strong core.

Lower Body Strength

Kicking and footwork play a significant role in Muay Thai. One movement that is distinctive to this martial art is the roundhouse kick. Learning how to kick strengthens the musculature of the lower body. Every muscle in your lower body will benefit from practicing the various kicks and footwork drills.

Stress Relief

Having an outlet for daily, accumulated stress feels fantastic and can work wonders for your mental and physical health. Practicing Muay Thai, whether drilling or sparring, allows you to focus on yourself and nothing else. And this detachment from the stresses of the day help you become a happier and more carefree individual.